Trick Wayne


Author. Producer. Director.

About me...

  • My first book, a youth mystery titled The Blur Society: Legend of the Swamp Ninja is now available!

  • As a kid, I would create comic strips and hand duplicate them to give out to classmates. This love for writing and art has grown my entire life as I have been a drummer for a touring rock band, a screenwriter and an early pioneer in the 3D computer animation industry where I am currently one of the most experienced in the world.

  • My screenwriting has garnered the attention of a major motion picture studio, won film festivals, and been named best kids show. This led me to write the first book in The Blur Society series and with success, many more adventures will follow.

  • After living all over the United States throughout my younger life, I now reside in Houston, Texas with my wife, three children, and various animals.

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current works

The Blur Society: Legend of the Swamp Ninja
Monster Mouth

My life as a writer

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